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How to Hypnotize Someone

If you want to know how to hypnotize someone you must first understand what hypnosis is. Common misconception is that the subject is unconscious but this can not be further from the truth. Here is an official definition according to the father of hypnosis James Braid: […] the real origin [...]

Satellite TV Comparison Review

Current Satellite providersDish NetworkSky AngelDirecTVProvider StatisticsDirecTV was introduced to the public in the late summer of 1994 with the launch of its first satellite. With a grand total of 15 million customers they are the largest satellite TV service provider to date. DirecTV holds the distinction of being the first [...]

Fascinating Facts About Las Vegas

Frank Rosenthal: The Genius Behind the Sportsbook Frank Rosenthal, often referred to as “Las Vegas King” or “Guru,” revolutionized the casino industry by inaugurating the first sports and race book at the Stardust Hotel & Casino. His innovative approach was , adopted by other casinos, [...]

Classic Gaming

PC gaming is doomed. No, really, it’s going to I cop it any day now. In fact, it may even have expired by the time you read this introduction. After all, people have been predicting its demise for 20 years now – it’s all piracy this, expensive hardware that, niche [...]

How to Sell Abstract Art

Abstract art as a genre of art form is quite tough & difficult to interpret. You want to sell art including abstract art please note that it’s not very easy to catch the customer eye. The paintings might & might not be very attractive to eyes due to the fact [...]