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How to Hypnotize Someone

If you want to know how to hypnotize someone you must first understand what hypnosis is. Common misconception is that the subject is unconscious but this can not be further from the truth. Here is an official definition according to the father of hypnosis James Braid: […] the real origin and essence of the hypnotic condition, is the induction of a habit of abstraction or mental concentration, in which, as in reverie or spontaneous abstraction, the powers of the mind are so much engrossed with a single idea or train of thought, as, for the nonce, to render the individual unconscious of, or indifferently conscious to, all other ideas, impressions, or trains of thought. The hypnotic sleep, therefore, is the very antithesis or opposite mental and physical condition to

that which precedes and accompanies common sleep […] Therefore hypnosis is about interaction between you and the subject, giving the subject information to process in order for them to react in the way you desire. This is the most important thing to understand when you want to know how to hypnotize someone, that it is an interaction between two conscious persons. If you want to know how to hypnotize a subject it is important to understand who that subject is. The reason being for this is because we need to understand what their thought patterns are like in order to be able to influence these thought patterns. This is actually not as hard as it sounds. About 95% of the population have the same thought patterns (e.g. you scratch you arm equals pain and discomfort) and the remaining 5% are very rare. Once you understand how the subject will react to certain information given then it is much easier to use the correct techniques of hypnotism to influence these reactions to the outcome you desire. Remember understand your subject before beginning the next step of hypnotism. What are the hypnosis techniques used if you want to know how to hypnotize someone? A hypnotic induction is the beginning (but not always necessary), which is a way of putting the subject in a suggestive state. Usually this is about relaxing the subject so their mind is not a “clutter” of thoughts but processing one piece of information at a time. The next step is to use analogies, indirect suggestion, confusion techniques to name a few, in order to use the subjects thought patterns to steer their usual reactions in your desired way. Depending on your level of experience and training your desired outcome can be achieved without a hypnotic induction. If you want to know how to hypnotize without hypnotic induction the techniques stemmed from Milton Erickson are the best to use. They can be found at the link below. Using the correct hypnotic techniques is the goal that everyone has when they want to know how to hypnotize someone. Let us begin with the hypnotic induction. To relax someone and clear their thoughts can be as simple as lying them down, closing their eyes, taking a few deep breaths, giving them an analogy of lying in a field with a cool breeze. You have probably had a point in your life where this has been used on you simply to clear your thoughts. When it comes to hypnotizing someone you must use their thought patterns to your advantage. An example is of someone who has to work tomorrow so they do not want to go out tonight. Use the fact that ‘work’ has a negative reaction and ‘go out’ and ‘fun’ has positive reactions. They key is to use the positive as much as possible and link one analogy to another for example: Going out is a time of great memories with good friends that lasts forever. This stimulates memories of other great times of going out and creates a reaction of wanting to recreate those feelings. There are many other techniques but the principle is the same so when you want to know how to hypnotize someone you must train these techniques in