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How to acquire an online food business license?

Starting any business requires the individuals to follow certain basic requirements such as obtaining a FSSAI License. A license provides a company to undertake business activities with the approval of the Government of India. An online food business license is a common type of license in the country which is provided to individuals who follow certain eligibility requirements, registration process and documents all of which will be discussed in the article.

What are the objectives of a Food Business?

The purpose of several food businesses in India is different. For some it is to provide food atd reasonable rates and for others it is to give a better platform to restaurants, especially the small and medium food stalls and restaurants.
What are the licenses and documents required for starting an online food business in India?

Documentation is a significant requirement and all the documents must be prepared and submitted to the authority before the time frame provided to them.

Federal Employer Identification Number for the purpose of taxation
Food service license from the state or town where the food business will be set up
Certificate of occupancy
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) License
GST Registration
Health Trade License
Signage license

Documents required for BASIC FSSAI Registration:

Photographs of all the applicants, business partners
Aadhaar card of the business owner
A scanned copy with a signature of the applicant
Details with regards to the business activities
PAN Card of the applicant
Declaration that includes the Business place

Documents required for STATE FSSAI License:

GST Number of the food business
Details of several business activities
A list that contains the names of the food products that is going to be used in the business
Am authorization letter of the consultant
A declaration form
Aadhaar card of the Business owner
A scanned copy with the signature of the business owner
A scanned copy of applicant’s photograph
AOA/MOA/Partnership deed