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Who Gets the House in a Divorce and How does Alimony Work?

What happens to the house in a divorce is an issue with significant emotional and economic significance.



Two questions are revolving around the man and


  • Who gets to stay in the house between the time the divorce is filed and final orders?
  • What will happen to the house at the time of the last order?


If there are school-going children, the children’s primary caretaker usually gets the house temporarily as it is considered in the child’s best interest. Courts generally preserve the status quo during the pendency of the case.

There is no law saying the person who gets the house temporarily is awarded the place in final orders of the divorce, but getting possession of the house temporarily can help receive the house in the last rankings.


Who Decides Who Keeps the House?


If the parties do not agree, the judge decides what will happen to the marital home in a divorce. The court determines how to divide the party’s assets and debts equitably. The court considers each party’s wishes regarding keeping the house while making the determination.


Who Gets the House in a Divorce?


The question is not that one gets the house versus the other, but what the parties are doing with the house, what is the most sensible finance plan around the